President Note

President's Note

Kuldip Singh Makkar

Mohali, here we come!

It seems like yesterday we were just beginning this journey together. As I look forward I would hope that as a club we will continue to grow and to be a place where club members feel welcome, share in fellowship and work side-by-side performing service to this community.

From the Desk of the President, Our Club can truly attain greater heights not only by adding physical infrastructure and sprucing up of facilities and interiors, but by promoting a feeling of goodwill and brotherhood among fellow members.

The Club today reflects warmth and hospitality and has come to be known as the symbol of this great City. We could not have achieved the accolades and laurels bestowed on the Club, without "you", Your unstinting support, your belief and your significant contribution as a member. Having met, interacted & having received feedback from a wide spectrum of our membership, we now understand the aspirations and requirements of the members.

Let us all join hands and take our Club to much greater heights of glory and make our Club an epitome of excellence in this region. May I extend my gratitude and deep appreciation once again, to you and your family and trust, that you will continue to help build this bond of bonhomie & friendship. We wish you and your family every success in your endeavors. May God always be with you & Bless you, Stay Blessed !

Kuldip Singh Makkar
President, WYNDHAM Chandigarh Mohali